VersaGroove tools are designed to profile, groove, and part –  thus, we claim they are the most versatile lathe tools on the market.

You may notice that we are offering some extreme length-to-width ratios. VersaGroove tools are used in applications with low force, shallow depth of cut, and typically under CNC control.

VersaGroove tooling fills a key niche in boosting the capabilities of lathes without tool changers. We’ve tested our tools successfully on the following materials, in order of difficulty:

  • Engineering Plastics (Acetal, PTFE, etc.)
  • Clear Acrylic
  • C36000 Brass
  • 1144 and 12L14 Steel
  • C36000 Brass
  • 303 Stainless
  • 6061 Aluminum

Our R&D lab is continually developing test data that will be shared on YouTube videos and in technical downloads on this site.

VersaGroove Tooling

VersaGroove | Style 1
General purpose rectangular profiling tool
VersaGroove | Style 2
Profiling cutter for free-form curves
VersaGroove | Style 3
Profiling cutter for sharp 90 degree V-grooves and deburring
VersaGroove | Style 4
General purpose starting point and workhorse for all materials
VersaGroove | Style 5
Robust, high rake rectangular profiling cutter
VersaGroove | Style 6
Robust, high rake round profiling cutter
Use this blank as the basis for infinite R&D adaptations
Use this blank as the basis for infinite R&D adaptations
VersaGroove | Boring Bar
Carbide boring bar for general purpose micro boring
VersaGroove | Variety Pack
Perfect introduction to VersaGroove tooling

VersaGroove Accessories

VersaGroove | Standard Tool Holder
Compact Steel tool holder for VersaGroove Tooling
VersaGroove | Shim Kit – Assorted
VersaGroove Standard Shims, 10 Pack Assortment