With two bolts, add CNC capabilities to your lathe! Create a revenue-generating powerhouse with a MultiForm System on your old machines. 

Forget about the classic CNC retrofit approach, and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of a bolt-on CNC solution. The magic recipe of sharp carbide tooling and CNC motion control is key to creating precise cuts on old manual machinery. Most of all, if you choose to upgrade your manual machine, unbolt the CNC and add it to your newer machine! 

An Optimized Turning Ecosystem

The core of the MultiForm system is a Raspberry Pi Linux computer which provides a computational powerhouse for tool path generation. Each device comes ready to use with our custom written Beryllium control software. Beryllium was written to completely re-imagine a CNC lathe controller for small parts. We use a “homeless” zero, so you can fit this tool into the tightest of areas on your cross slide and not worry about extra switches, wiring, and complexity. The 7″ touch screen provides a clean interface that easily wipes down after resisting flying chips and cutting fluid. The MPG scroll wheel has adjustable jogging modes. Write your G-code to a .nc file and press “Cycle Start” to run the code. Once loaded, select up to 100 stored files with the scroll wheel, and no file system browsing. No complex G-code headers or M-codes are required – just use G1 straight line moves, and G2 / G3 arcs to create your profile. Alternatively, you can use our post processor for Fusion360 to output a tool path. 

We believe the MultiForm System will pay for itself within the first few jobs you run. 

MultiForm Modular Tool Holders:

Beryl CNC is continually expanding its offering of tool holders for the MultiForm System. The MultiForm’s modular tool holder system uses three specially modified 60 degree cone-point set screws to align and seat the pre-shimmed tool modules so you get repeatable cuts every time. 

MultiForm System Bundles

MultiForm Standard Bundle
Start making parts with this CNC lathe add on!
MultiForm Deluxe Bundle
Add flexibility with our modular tool holders and additional cutters.
MultiForm Loaded Bundle
Packaged for professionals. Large assortment of tooling, ideal for job shops.

MultiForm System Mounts

MultiForm Mini Lathe Mount
Mounting fixture for Mini Lathe
MultiForm Standard 60 Degree Dovetail Turret Lathe Mount
Mounting fixture for Turret Lathe
MultiForm Custom Mount
Custom mounting fixture for your Lathe

MultiForm System Accessories

MultiForm Modular Tool Holder for OD Turning
Modular Tool for OD Turning *Tool Holder Only
MultiForm Modular Tool Holder, ER11
Modular Tool for Drilling and Boring
MultiForm 5° Insert Tool Holder, TCGT/TCMT
Modular Tool for OD Turning
MultiForm Modular Tool Holder Shim Kit
10pc Assorted Shim Kit