We have developed a user-friendly lathe controller in Python. The software is designed with the beginner user in mind; however, the source code can be modified for use on customized machinery.

Beryllium Pro adds onto the basic version of the software and provides advanced wizards and features. Users can trace out the profile of their part in G-code and use automatic tool path generation to create roughing and finishing operations. Essentially, we’ve added specialized CAM software to Beryllium Pro. 

Beryllium Software Features:

– Interfaces with GRBL v1.1
– Uses MPG handwheel to select files and parameters within visible radio buttons, designed for touch-screen use
– Standard CNC operating buttons
– Feed override in real-time

Beryllium Pro Software Features:
All features of Beryllium basic software

– Wizard menu with Screw Major Diameters, Ogives, and other features
– Onboard CAM menu with toolpath generator for roughing, finishing, peck-parting, and runout control


Beryllium Basic Software
Lathe Controller Software


Beryllium Pro Software
Lathe Controller Software