Machine Design & Automation

We are here to supply industry with cutting edge innovation, whether it’s in CNC lathe design or the more general world of automation. If you have an idea involving motors, slides, sensors, or electronics, please reach out to us. 

Additionally, we are always looking for peers interested in private labeling our products. If you see something in our product line you would love to build on, let’s talk!

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The Beryl CNC Advantage

Add CNC control to your machinery by leveraging our practical knowledge:

  • G-code entry 
  • Software (See software section)
  • User interface panels
  • Custom sensor housings and mounts

Leverage our practical firsthand knowledge of mechanisms in your automation design:

  • Slides and rotary assemblies
  • Preloaded bearings
  • Machine frames

We have excellent sheet metal vendors in our network, who will work alongside our engineers to implement your solution. Let us help you create a mechanical housing for your product that will last multiple generations.

Depending on the look you are going for, a user interface can be simple (Python / tkinter, as seen in our Beryllium software) or more styled. We regularly work with artists and industrial designers who can bring any level of “wow” to your machine interface.