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Welcome to Beryl CNC!

Beryl CNC offers a means for businesses and individuals to upgrade their manual lathes to CNC lathes for low capital cost. This goal is achieved with compact machine add-ons, novel tooling designs, and innovative software; collectively creating an optimized turning ecosystem.

Affordable, entry-level CNC lathes seem to be lacking the same level of innovation as their 3- and 4- axis counterparts. The market offers many small manual lathes, most lacking CNC capability at a low cost. We have noticed what’s missing in this market – a simple CNC tool that can attach to the cross-slide or to the bed of a lathe. We started designing the MultiForm CNC slide tool after struggling with rising prototype costs. Our product line offers a solution for nearly every manual lathe, as an add-on or replacement for the cross slide. Our carefully crafted VersaGroove tooling geometries promise to fill a need that other tool manufacturers seem to have missed.

Our Product Lines

MultiForm System

A compact add-on tooling solution for modernizing your manual lathe by converting it into a CNC lathe!

VersaGroove Tooling

Carbide lathe tooling for fine detail. For those without tool changers, the VersaGroove tool does it all!


Bar stock in select materials for testing and qualification of the MultiForm system and VersaGroove tooling.

Beryllium Software

Our proprietary, user-friendly python lathe controller!

Our Services

CNC Turning Services

Using our own products like the MultiForm system and VersaGroove tooling, we can create your prototypes or production parts. Simply complete the Quote Request form with information about your project and we will work with you to ensure your parts turn out perfect.