Custom Software

Do you have an automation solution you’re trying to implement? Using our existing software as a foundation, we can add lathe turning to your automation project. This could be as simple as a deburring operation or as complex as a purpose-built CNC lathe. 

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The Beryl CNC Advantage

Our foundational Beryllium software can parse G-code, the language of CNC motion, so we can implement all features currently found in CNC machinery for you.

Our coding background is well suited to cutting-edge mathematical algorithms in Python. Some useful topics we have used in creating software solutions for turned parts:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Fast Fourier Transforms
  • Signal Processing
  • Array Manipulation
  • Trigonometry
  • Machine Learning

At the core of our origin story is Electrical Engineering. As a result, any and all sensors, actuators, and control solutions are available for implementation in your custom design. We do not shy away from implementing the latest offerings from the semiconductor industry. We can assist with driver level implementations at the C and assembly code level to take your design into the future.